Thanks to all our dedicated volunteers

Our volunteers are critical to helping us get healthy meals to hungry families and seniors fighting hunger. Brooklyn Rescue Mission has worked with hundreds of dedicated volunteers over the past 18 years. Our volunteers help our organization to grow food on the Bed-Stuy farm, stock food on the shelves at the pantry and assist families in shopping at our customer choice pantry.

Farming Brooklyn

BRMUHC  has three locations where the organization plants yearly.  Brooklyn Rescue Mission has been growing vegetables, fruit,  herbs and flowers since 2003. Your donations will help assist us this growing season to plant, cultivate and harvest healthy food for families in the Brooklyn area.

Help us save our program!

I’m reaching out to you because we have started a GoFundMe to save the Bed-Stuy farm and Urban Harvest food pantry. For past 17 years, Brooklyn Rescue Mission has served millions of meals to seniors and hungry families with children.

You have helped us on this hunger relief journey and I would like to ask your support for the Brooklyn Rescue Mission annual fundraiser. If you can help me by sending our friendly request for help thru the GoFundMe platform to a few of your friends, it would be great. Our goal is to obtain 100 donors by January 31, 2018. Please consider helping us reach our goal. Here is a convenient link to our campaign.