Growing Success Youth Program History

The Brooklyn Rescue Mission Youth and Children’s Program History

Brooklyn Rescue Mission has done a variety of successful youth programming since its inception in 2005. School and book bag giveaways for kids started serving kids and youth programming in 2006.

Brooklyn Rescue Mission has provided for the food needs of the youngest members by providing food assistance for hungry families with children since 2005.

Programs include:

Youth Force Development – The Brooklyn Rescue Mission has hosted over 817 young adults paid interns and over Forty youth volunteers since 2005. Our past interns are now college professors, nurses, military officers, teachers, and new young farmers and community business owners.

Many young people we have mentored have successful defeat generational poverty and overcome juvenile convictions.

Bed-Stuy Farm  Youth Success program has provided Food Justice training to children and youth in the community from 2007.

The Brooklyn based urban farm has been a for training place for hundreds of young children and young adults. The Brooklyn Rescue Mission has had over 48 countries from the UN visit Bed-Stuy farm. Brooklyn Rescue Mission Bedstuy farm is a model program that helped hundreds of youth learn how food is grown and harvested.

Baby tote bag give away 2018-2019 –  BRMUHC provided new mothers tote bags: items included milk bottles, baby wipes, diapers, and clothing outfits.

Holiday Toy Give away since 2005 –  BRMUHC program provides toys to children during the holiday season,

If you want more information on our mission programs.

Rev. Robert Ennis Jackson